Scientists have come up with a New Drug to Treat Memory Loss Associated with Depression and Aging

Currently a drug is in the making, which will help to reverse the forgetfulness which happens quite often at middle age. The drug will soon be going in clinical trials on humans.

People over the age of fifty, have often faced moments such as forgetting somebody’s face, names, misplacing keys. It is considered as a usual process of ageing, research claims that it will be possible to mend brain cells. There is hope that a certain study has the potential of developing a daily tablet which will help to retain older brains sharp & a possible cure for moderate cognitive impairment witnessed in the primary stage of Alzheimer’s. 

Within the next two years, drug’s clinical trials are predicted. The potential new treatment seems to work in ageing mice, enhancing their memories to the levels witnessed in younger animals.

On Thursday, Toronto’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health’s scientists introduced their research at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Annual Meeting held in Washington DC.

Lead scientist of the research Dr. Etienne Sibille stated at the moment no medications are available to cure cognitive symptoms like memory loss which happens in depression and other aging & mental illnesses.

The latest drug is a variant of benzodiazepiene, which is popularly known as depression drug & anti-anxiety Valium. Dr. Etienne stated that not like Valium that has a wide range of effects, modified variety of drug particularly aims at brain cells impairment connected to memory. Their discoveries have direct implications for mediocre cognition in usual aging. It involves executive functions, making decisions, learning & memory, and planning.

Dr. Etienne further added that human studies are incomplete, however, they will plan their debut human safety trial in two years. They will test it on people suffering with depression, followed by older people.

Talking about future, it may be proposed that any individual who falls under the age category 55-60, who may face cognitive issues may take advantage from the treatment. In normal case scenario, one pill will be prescribed to the individuals. Dr. Etienne’s team recognized an issue in chemicals which are utilized to send messages in mice’s brains. A new chemical compound was developed to particularly aim at impairment in cells of brain. Novel molecules reversed memory loss in mice who underwent tension and half an hour post the treatment, mice performed at normal levels in their capabilities to remember the mazes layout.

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