Fire Trucks: Fire Authorities Expand Fleet to Boost Fire Rescue Operations

There has been an increasing need for safety across the globe, which is pushing the demand for safety equipment and tools that support safety maintenance in economies. Fire trucks are specially designed vehicles that are equipped with numerous tools, assemblies, and equipment used for firefighting tasks and rescue operations during fire breakouts. The fire department is expected to be up to date with the fire equipment and mechanical assemblies integrated in the fire trucks. Several innovations in technology together with the transforming automotive sector, together contribute to effective developments in the fire trucks landscape.

With the increasing infrastructure developments in leading economies, the regulatory and administrative bodies are constantly aimed at implementing stringent regulatory standards that focus on reducing the civil damage and infrastructural losses, which has been a significant factor in driving the sales growth of fire trucks. There are several fire departments that are adding new fire trucks to their fleet with an aim to extend the capabilities of the fire department in managing emergencies and boosting the overall safety of cities.

  • Rutland City Fire Department in the US, for instance, is adding its fleet of fire trucks with a revolutionary new truck is not same as conventional fire trucks but helps firefighters in responding to emergency situations in an improvised manner. The new vehicle, equipped with a power lift gate helps prevent back injuries during heavy equipment transportation to and from emergency incident locations.
  • Similarly, another US-based Olive Hill Fire Department plans the addition of a rescue fire truck, where the Council has approved the purchase of a new ladder truck for the Olive Hill Fire Department.
  • Wilmington Fire Department also announced the replacement of their 21 year old truck with the  2018 Pierce Velocity Ascendant Tandem Axle 107’ Aerial, fire truck, that holds a record of being the tallest fire tool, equipped with a ladder with an extending capacity of 100 feet horizontally and 107 feet vertically, in New Hanover County.

Innovations Aimed at Addressing Transforming Demands

The manufacturers of fire trucks are focusing on catering to the changing demands of the fire department. Specific fire rescue equipment designed for the end use areas are amongst the key requirements of modern fire departments. Owing to these, several developments are observed in the fire trucks landscape. For instance, the new fire trucks designed by Michigan’s Spencer Fire Trucks for the Meredith Fire Department would enable it to tackle the wood and grass fires as well as building fires in remote areas of the town, in a better way. Designed to work even with a lesser number of fighters and its ability to reach building across muddy dirt roads, unlike the standard size fire trucks, this new addition boosts operational effectiveness.

Will Electric Fire Trucks Capture the Future Fire Trucks Landscape?

Electric vehicles are gaining major traction across the globe with the growing need for fuel- and energy-efficient vehicles. The electric vehicle trend is expected to have a positive impact even on the fire trucks fleet over the coming years. For instance, a leading competitor in the fire trucks landscape, Rosenbauer International AG is seen taking significant steps in line with the development of electric fire trucks or the eRFF (electric rescue and firefighting vehicle). The company has entered into an ‘innovation partnership’ with the Berlin Fire Department for developing hybrid electric fire engine in the coming two years.

With the continually changing automotive landscape and the growing safety needs, the fire trucks manufacturers witness profitable avenues in the future. The providers of fire trucks further focus on the emerging automotive trends to keep pace with the changing landscape, thereby innovating their fleet of fire trucks. To know more, click here.

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