Resveratrol: Reaping Benefits from Product’s Widespread Applicability

A plant compound that acts as an antioxidant, resveratrol is gaining major significance over the years. Resveratrol tends to be concentrated mostly in the seeds and skin of berries and grapes. Resveratrol is finding its utility in several end-use applications such as personal care products, dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals, and others. Resveratrol is gaining high-traction in recent times, owing to its health benefits against cardiovascular and degenerative diseases, thereby escalating the growth of the resveratrol landscape.

Research Activities Examine Potential: Uncovering Significant Capabilities

There have various research activities conducted to analyze the effectiveness of resveratrol in treating diseases. With the burgeoning research pertaining to the evaluation of the resveratrol potential, the resveratrol providers are gaining major opportunities for reaping profitability over the years. Furthermore, the protection mechanism of resveratrol for mitigating and managing diseases is also being studied, across the globe. 

  • Researchers at Harvard Medical School conducted a study that shows that resveratrol interacts with a key gene in the mitochondria, thereby providing a prolonged activity and lifespan of mitochondria, which supplies energy to cells. The research was conducted using genetically enhanced mice, wherein the mice cells with the SIRT1 gene showed a dramatic boost in energy.
  • There was a new research study conducted by the researchers from CIBERNED (Network Biomedical Research Center on Neurodegenerative Diseases) and the Institute of Neurosciences of the University of Barcelona. On the back of various researches stating the effectiveness of resveratrol for fighting Alzheimer’s, this research further advances to state the supplementary resveratrol doses in the mice diets help boost the activity of those cell mechanisms, which damage the brain’s aberrant proteins.
  • Resveratrol benefits have not only helped tackle diseases but according to new research, the resveratrol plays a significant role in the oral health. A scientist at the University of Toronto, Canada, conducted a study wherein 40 smokers diagnosed with chronic periodontitis continued a daily intake of Veri-te resveratrol (500 mg) along with scaling and root planning. The initial data reflected a significant reduction in periodontal inflammation in patients. Moreover, further study in oral health avenue showcased the reduction of halitosis with the intake of resveratrol.

New Innovations Remain a Significant Factor

Companies offering resveratrol are constantly working towards bringing new innovations to the market. New product development strategy is amongst the most significant strategies implemented by the resveratrol providers. Ingredient innovations are greatly witnessed in the resveratrol market. Evolva, a pharmaceutical company and a specialist of resveratrol showcased the new version of its product, Veri-te Resveratrol. It is a cold-water-dispersible version called the Veri-te Resveratrol CWD 90, that not just offers 67 times dispersion capability compared to the standard resveratrol but also enhanced bioavailability. The company claims that it further enables customers to leverage the complete benefits of resveratrol’s health attributes.

Resveratrol Could Mitigate Skin-Ageing

Antioxidants play a crucial role in the skincare landscape owing to their anti-ageing properties. Resveratrol is said to be effective in managing the skin ageing, which is said to be effective owing to its oxidative stress-fighting abilities. Resveratrol impacts the skin positively and helps maintain a youthful appearance, by protecting the skin from external aggressors. L’Oréal, a leading skincare brand conducted a research study that states that resveratrol boosts the antioxidant defenses of the skin, improving its ability to repair signs of UV damage. On account of its effectiveness in managing skin ageing, several developments are witnessed in the resveratrol landscape including new skin care products such as the exclusive Age Minimize 3D by Mary Kay, a cosmetics provider, which includes three innovative ingredients amongst which the encapsulated resveratrol provides benefits of antioxidants.

The accelerating research activities are shaping the future applications of resveratrol, thereby offering profitable opportunities for companies operating in the market. Request a sample of the study on the market to gain an outlook of the future scope.

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