Increasing Application of Pallet Trucks in Commercial Sectors to Impact the Growth of its Market

Pallet trucks are manually operated wheeled trolley designed to lift and transport one or more pallets at a time. They are the most commonly used material handling equipment in various industries for moving pallets or palletized load over a short distance. Pallet trucks are also known as pallet jack or pallet pump and each pallet truck will have its own weight capacity. The pallet trucks can easily move smaller or bigger goods from one place to another and even allows to stack the goods on top of another. They are the effective method for handling goods and are used in specialty and retail stores, manufacturing plants, factory floors, and warehouse facilities. In the recent times, application of pallet trucks is also seen in food and beverage industry, wholesale distribution, freight & logistics, and many more.

Key Application of Pallet Trucks Across Various Industries

Owing to their wide range of uses and advantages, pallet truck have many commercial applications. In several factories or warehouses, even simple lifting and organizing goods or products tend to take up a lot of time. High-quality pallet truck with good load handling capacity not only saves time but also efficiently moves and organizes the heavy goods. Some of the pallet trucks also come with integrated weighing scales and small printers that help to weigh the goods and print out the load’s weight. Additionally, pallet trucks can lift goods to certain height which enables easy storage of goods on higher shelves of warehouses and loading them in a truck or other commercial vehicles. In factories or warehouses, most injuries are due to handling heavy loads and they can be avoided with pallet trucks. A right-sized pallet truck with right capacity to move goods keeps workers safe from injuries.

Pallet trucks can be operated manually or electronically with a battery. Electric pallet trucks are good for lifting and moving heavy loads and eliminate all of the manual effort. In food and beverage industry, mostly stainless steel pallet truck is used as they need to handle diverse processing environments including wet, corrosive, and even cold storage options. Application of pallet trucks in such processing industries include receiving raw materials and ingredient and getting the products ready to ship out of the distribution center. Most of the pallet trucks have built-in safety features and also come in handy where warehouses are small and do not have enough space for bigger material handling equipment.

Some stainless steel pallet trucks are also galvanized to make them moisture resistant for application in laboratories, handling corrosive material, clean room, and all kinds of terrain and environment. An effective and right material handling equipment like pallet trucks minimizes downtime, affects productivity, and prevent injuries while moving the goods. Hand pallet truck has become an essential equipment in every warehouse or storage area as it helps in relocating the products while minimizing the need for lifting heavy items manually. On the other hand, powered pallet trucks are ideal for transferring the good over a longer distance in the warehouse. They are also used in manufacturing plants to deliver parts and equipment to different areas of the line.

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