Rising Need for Live Streaming to Define the Global Market for Video Streaming

Video streaming is a type of media streaming or one-way transmission of videos to a remote user through data network. It works on data streaming principles where all video files are sent in a compressed form to a requesting device and displayed in real time by the viewer. Live streaming is one of the latest forms of video streaming where the user does not need to download or host a compatible video player to play the file. Increasing number of digital media players such as YouTube, Amazon, Netflix, etc. are facilitating the growth of video streaming market.

Video Streaming: Trends of Live Streaming Videos

In the recent times, as video continues to dominate the internet traffic, live streaming has been rapidly adopted in various social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. In 2017, 75% of all the internet traffic was made up of video which is expected to expand up to 82% in 2020. Any broadcast in real time through the internet to an audience is known as live streaming videos. Owing to advancement in technologies and increasing penetration of smartphones, there has been a rise in popularity of live streaming videos which in turn escalate the video streaming market.

As people have started to spend more time on their phones than on TV sets, live streaming videos show higher engagement. The growing popularity of such type of video streaming is due to its spontaneous and unedited nature which meet the viewers’ demand for transparency and authenticity. A significant number of audience responds better on live streaming videos than pre-planned videos on social media. Many advertisers and brands are now focusing on promoting their products with live streaming videos as they are more appealing to their customers.

Furthermore, live streaming is a form of video streaming that opens an instantaneous and two-way connection between the user and the provider. In brand advertising, live streaming videos enable instant feedback and communication which helps to make the brand personable. However, live streaming or any other videos streaming requires high-speed internet coupled with high charges of several websites to watch the videos are restricting the growth of this market. Additionally, live streaming videos or real time video content are still not available in many regions due to lack of advanced telecommunication technologies and remains a major challenge in the global market for video streaming.

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