Mine Scaler Market Prevalent Opportunities upto 2028

Mine Scaler Market: Introduction

Underground mining is carried out for the extraction of minerals and ores that are buried far below the earth’s surface. Mine scalers are underground mining equipment used for scaling mines. Mine scalers are broadly categorised as hammer feed scalers, vibratory pick scalers and boom scalers.

Among all the types of mine scalers, the boom type scaler is gaining momentum in the mine scaler market owing to high performance, durability and increased scaling productivity. The continuously increasing demand for minerals and rare metals is driving the underground mining sector, which is expected to drive the mine scaler market. In addition, technologically advanced mine scalers are being developed through innovative methods owing to the growing demand for increasing productivity and safety.

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Mine Scaler Market: Dynamics

The global mine scaler market is expected to witness lucrative growth during the forecast period. The growth of the global mining industry is correlated to the overall global economic scenario. Relatively slow economic growth, political turmoil, etc. are some of the key factors responsible for decreasing the demand for commodities and weakened investor confidence, which has hampered the growth of the global mining industry in the recent past. However, the mining industry has gradually improved over the past couple of years. The growth of the mining industry partially depends upon the GDP trend. Global increase in the demand for minerals, combined with stabilised metal prices, is expected to boost the mining industry over the coming years. The aforementioned factors are among the key drivers of growth in the demand for mine scalers over the forecast period.

Moreover, towards the end of 2016, commodity prices have moved towards stabilisation, which has boosted the confidence of market participants in the mining industry, thus leading to an upsurge in ore exploration and procurement. This is expected to boost the global mine scaler market. Moreover, the growing construction industry and increasing investment in infrastructural development, which is expected to surge the demand for various commodities and minerals, are also among factors boosting the mine scaler market.

As scaling is a hazardous mining process and is generally carried out in areas with unsupported back, rib and face rock surfaces, manufacturers of mine scalers are focusing on designing and manufacturing mine scalers that perform rigorous scaling activities effectively and safely. Moreover, the manufacturers of mine scalers have also dedicated their efforts towards designing and incorporating specific features to increase the safety of a mine scaler operator.

Mine Scaler Market: Segmentation

On the basis of operational height, the mine scaler market can be segmented into:

  • Up to 10 Feet
  • 10 – 25 Feet
  • More Than 25 Feet

On the basis of scaler type, the mine scaler market can be segmented into:

  • Hammer Feed Scaler
  • Vibratory Pick Scaler
  • Boom Scaler

On the basis of application, the mine scaler market can be segmented into:

  • Coal Mining
  • Metal Mining
  • Mineral Mining

Mine Scaler Market: Regional Overview

The North America mine scaler market is expected to create robust opportunity for the market participants driven by the growth of the mining industry. After having endured a wake of financial crisis and economic recession, the economic outlook of Latin America has gradually improved, which has resulted in the growth of the mining industry of the region, thus driving the mine scaler market in the region. Moreover, the mining industry in countries such as Brazil, Chile, Peru and Argentina is gaining momentum owing to increasing foreign direct investment, which is also expected to drive the mine scaler market. The Asia Pacific mine scaler market, lead by China, India and ASEAN countries, is projected to witness roust growth during the forecast period owing to the growing mining industry and increasing government initiatives for the enhancement of productivity. The Western Europe mine scaler market is expected to witness moderate growth during the forecast period. In the Middle East & Africa, increasing investment for the development of the mining sector and the increasing demand for precious metals & other minerals is expected to bolster the growth of mining companies, which is expected to drive the mine scaler market.

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Mine Scaler Market: Market Participants

Examples of some of the market participants identified across the value chain of the global mine scaler market include:

  • Astec Industries Inc.
  • Gradall Industries, Inc.
  • Ergo Developpement (CMM Equipment)
  • Astec Industries, Inc.
  • Jama Mining Machines AB
  • Breaker Technology
  • NPK Construction Equipment, Inc.
  • Getman Corporation
  • Fermel (Pty) Ltd

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