Gravity Conveyor Market Revenue Growth Defined by Heightened Product Innovation by 2028

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Gravity conveyors are increasingly finding greater application as a part of material handling technology. Improvements in systems, controls and mechanical equipment for the transport, storage, and control of goods is anticipated to be a major focus and a driving factor for the growth of the industry.

Improvements in Product Protection to Support Gravity Conveyor Market Growth

Straight gravity conveyors are expected to witness high demand owing to their high versatility in applications and ease of orienting packages by minimizing pitch during movement, depending on size and weight of the package, especially for light weight consignments.

Gravity conveyors are ideal for transferring goods to and fro during merging and diverging processes in to main conveyor lines from work stations in manufacturing, distribution, and warehouse sectors. However, one of the truly great draws for end users of the gravity conveyors over other counterparts is the significantly lower cost of installation, and modern improvements such as the addition of guard railings, which are anticipated to contribute greatly to the growth of the gravity conveyor market.

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Increased affordability in both production and purchase, along with improved durability arising from the reduced amount of small bearing and components results in lower maintenance requirements, which will further boost market growth.

On the other hand, gravity conveyors largely depend on gravity for control of product movement, which gives little room for external adjustment, and is anticipated to act as a major constraint to the growth of the gravity conveyor market.

Performance Improvements through Tech Innovations to be Main Focus of Gravity Conveyor Market Players

Key gravity conveyor market players including Ashland Conveyor Products, Interroll Group, MAC Automation Concepts, and North American Inc. are emphasizing on innovative product design to optimize performance and ease of productivity.

  • Ashland Conveyor Products provides end users with gravity conveyors of numerous sizes and configurations along with accessories including fixed or adjustable guards and stops, manufactured using durable material of galvanized steel to improve on product orientation and movement control to eliminate damage.
  • Interroll offers versatility in gravity conveyor configurations including straight, curve, omni-wheel, and ball table designs, with side frames and tapered rollers to maintain product orientation and movement with very little force, in multiple directions, which give it numerous options of application depending on the end user.
  • Hytrol Conveyor Company Inc. has launched some of the most in-demand gravity conveyor systems including accessory functionalities such as sliding shoe sorters for high speed and accurate product sorting, while allowing accumulation of products without allowing contact through their proprietary EZLogic® technology to accurately stop and start product movement, making it ideal for handling fragile products.

Rapidly Growing Applications in the Manufacturing and Aerospace Industries to Support Gravity Conveyor Europe Market

Europe is expected to see a high rate of growth owing to the influx of activity in aerospace, manufacturing and warehousing & distributing sectors during the past few years. This has resulted in a growing demand for gravity conveyor installations giving the market in the region the impetus to hold major market share during the forecast period.

In comparison, steady growth in the gravity conveyor market is expected to be witnessed in the North American market, owing to replacing older systems with modern counterparts which offer greater functionality and performance, while minimizing on noise.

Categorization of the Global Gravity Conveyor Market

Gravity conveyors can be divided on the terms of application, end user, and product type. On the basis of applications, gravity conveyors can be categorized into side loading, non-contact accumulation, load accumulation, unitized, and many other such as fixtures, and carton loads. On the basis of end user, gravity conveyors can be divided into aerospace, automotive, parcel handling, warehouse distribution, food and beverage, and others. On the terms of product type, gravity conveyors can be divided into spur curve and straight.

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