Learn details of the Cable Detector Market research: industry analysis by 2019 – 2029

The complexity of large buried cable networks increasing continually, so it is essential to know the location of the underground cables. The use of a cable detector is standard industry practice and is a legal requirement commanded by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Cable detectors protect from the risks like Explosions, Electrocution, Damage to small cables with a significant impact on surrounding services, Site flooding, Project Downtime, Reinstatement Costs, etc. Cable detectors can detect non-ferrous and ferrous metals, plastic and wood with a high level of accuracy. Cable detection must be performed before excavation of any new Railway, Telecom, industry, Cable laying, Pipe laying, and Building construction activity.

Cable Detector Market: Drivers and Restraints

Rapid increase in urbanisation rate is boosting the cable detector market

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The number of people moving to urban areas is increasing every year due to various reasons like education, employment, etc. Urbanisation demands more number of building to be constructed to meet the requirements of increasing urban population. Moreover, in construction industry, damaging underground communication cable can be very risky on site. Therefore, the factors like improved on site safety and cost saving in construction industry, are driving the market for cable detector.

Continuous technological advancement in telecom industry is driving the cable detector market

Rapid growth in the telecom industry has seen due to the continuously evolving technology. It is all set to witness 5G technology for increased speed, faster connectivity, and lower latency.  5G enabled devices are started to make a buzz in the market. Also, the Internet on things is one of the advancements of the telecom industry. All telecommunication industries are aware of the potential for significant changes in technologically. Due to all these factors, the telecom industry is growing rapidly, which is driving the market for cable detectors.

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Cable Detector Market: Competition Landscape

Key manufacturers of the cable detector are PCE Instruments, ONE + POINT LTD, Stanlay, Hexagon Geosystems AG, Amprobe, PASS (Portable Appliance Safety Services) Ltd, Radiodetection Ltd, KENNARDS HIRE, RLE Technologies, Fike Corporation, Kootoo Ltd, Advanced Utility Solutions Pty. Ltd., etc.

  • Stanlay, a leading cable detector manufacturer, has recently launched Cat 33 XD. It operates on three modes Power, Radio, & Generator Modes. The device has multi segment LCD display with bar graphs for easy locating. This cable detector is designed in such a way that it can operate under all site conditions. Cat 33 XD has dual battery pack for the uninterrupted operation.

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Cable Detector Market: Regional Outlook

Global cable detector market is anticipated to show significant growth on the basis of geography. The global cable detector market is segmented into seven key regions:  East Asia, South Asia, Latin America, North America, Oceania, and Middle East and Africa.  East Asia is accounted for nearly 60% of global growth in power generation in the year 2018. The power generation in North America rose by 3.6% in 2018 compared to last year. Therefore, East Asia and North America are anticipated to witness the rapid growth in cable detector market during the forecast period. Due to rapid growth in rail industry in Asia Pacific and Europe, the cable meter market in these region is expected to show significant growth in the forecast period.

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