Ozone Meter Market research gain impetus due to the growing demand over 2019 – 2029

Ozone is the gas that naturally presents in the atmosphere and made up of three atoms of the oxygen. As the ozone gas is highly unstable and toxic in nature, tries to combine with other gases in the atmosphere. Ozone is considered as one of the hazardous gas and needs to be monitored and measured at frequent intervals. Ozone meter is mainly used to determine the ozone content in the atmosphere and liquids. Ozone meter is highly accurate instrument which provides the instant measurement of dissolved ozone in the potable water and ozone concentration in the ambient air. The Increasing demand for ozone meter in various sectors, especially in water treatment plant to measure the ozone content in raw, waste, potable, process, and cooling water is driving the ozone meter market growth. Moreover, the ability of ozone meter to measure and detect the low concentration of ozone in the air and water is also contributing to the growth of the ozone meter market. Along with that, for long term measurement of the ozone, the ozone meter can be attached to the tripod and mounted on the wall, which ultimately eases the ozone measurement procedure. The rapid adoption of ozone meter by professional to conduct the long term ozone monitoring is fuelling the demand for the ozone meter in the market.

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Ozone Meter Market: Drivers and Restraints

Increasing need for climate and water monitoring is boosting the demand considerably.

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Even a low concentration of the ozone in the air can affect human health severely. To maintain an adequate proportion of the ambient air in the climate, it becomes essential to monitor and measure the ozone concentration in the air. Many countries are continuously making efforts to maintain environmental sustainability. The increasing need for ozone meter to monitor the ozone level in the atmosphere and frequent usage of ozone meter by forest departments and environmental agencies is boosting the ozone meter market growth across the globe. Furthermore, growing demand for ozone meter to measure the ozone content in industrial wastewater, drinking water, and other soft drinks is also propelling the demand for ozone meter in the market. Advanced features such as battery-operated functionality, extensive temperature range, Display illumination, and offset adjustment facility for air temperature and humidity makes ozone meter user-friendly

On the other hand, lack of awareness regarding the ozone contamination in a few undeveloped areas across the globe is hampering the ozone meter market growth.

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Ozone Meter Market: Competitions Landscape

Some of the leading ozone meter manufacturers are PCE Deutschland GmbH, Palintest, DKK-TOA CORPORATION, Emerson Electric Co., 2B Technologies, Ozone Solutions, Inc., ProMinent, Trotec GmbH, Labtron, and Eco Sensors Inc. These manufacturers are launching advanced and compact ozone meters to attract end-users.

  • For Instance, Palintest one of the ozone meter manufacturers has launched the compact ozone meter which designed for measuring the low concentration of the ozone in the water samples.

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