Cereal Flakes Market Detailed Analytical Overview by 2029

Due to the changing lifestyle of people, it becomes difficult to prepare food and manage their hectic schedule for consumers. To address this issue, high fiber and protein food manufacturers are continually developing and launching the new ready to eat products. Cereal flakes have been a regular feed for a large population globally, the product constitutes a significant part in the daily diet of consumers. Rice, wheat, and corn are among the major cereal crop used for producing the flakes. Cereal crops is anticipated to remain the prominent crop in the developing countries, owing to the consumer inclination towards ready to eat food. Cereals flakes are either consumed plain or coated with sugar, honey, fruit flavor, malted ingredient, chocolate, and others. Furthermore, cereal flakes are available in various shape and sizes vary with the type of crop is used to produce cereal flakes. With the production and consumption of multicereal or multigrain flakes, new trend evolved in the food and feed industry. These multigrain cereal flakes meet the increasing demand for whole grains, and healthy cereals enriched with the fibers, minerals, vitamins, and nutrients. Rising demand for the cereal flakes become a reason that manufacturers are expanding their product portfolio by the inclusion of nuts and other grains. Among the cereal flakes, oat flakes have gained high traction in the global market from last few years, mainly American and European countries.

Cereal Flakes Market: Market Dynamics: Increasing consumption of ready to eat foods is one of the prominent reason behind the escalating growth of cereal flakes market. Changing regulatory scenario has also drastically transformed the consumption of whole grain cereal flakes, especially in developed countries. The growth in the health and wellness segment in the food & beverage sector concurrently aids the growth of the high fiber and grain cereal flakes market. Organic food, high-protein food, gluten-free food, and low-sugar containing food are supporting cousins for the cereal flakes market growth. As more and more health and wellness products for health conscious consumers are launched, there is more availability for these products on retail shelves, which encourages the development of newer whole grain and high fiber food products. This will gradually enhance consumer acceptance and help them adapt to the trend of health consciousness. As consumers are looking for the high protein and low-carbohydrate containing diets, larger demand for cereal flakes has been registered in the last few years. Additionally, Consumers are faced with an increasing dilemma over the product identification of whole grain and high fiber foods in retail stores. Most of the purchasing of these products is canceled due to their uncertainty of the exact contents of the product, or they think that high protein and fiber claim is just another marketing gimmick. Due to the lack of bold and informative labels on the products, and absence of certifications which scientifically consent their claims, consumers are often forced to opt for other sources of dietary fibers. Lack of consumer knowledge also expected to hinder the cereal flakes market growth.

Cereal Flakes Market: Segmentation: Cereal flakes market can be segmented on the basis of product type, and nature; On the basis of nature cereal flakes market can be segmented as Traditional, Ready to eat; On the basis of product type cereal flakes market can be segmented as Wheat, Barley, Rice, Maize, Oats, PopCorn, Rye, Others

Cereal Flakes Market: Regional analysis: North America is expected to account for the prominent share in the cereal flakes market. North America countries including the U.S. and Canada are among the major consumer of cereal flakes in the morning breakfast food. Ready to eat cereals corn flakes is most popular category among the Americans. Europe countries including Germany, Spain, Poland and France among others are estimated to deliver high growth opportunities for the cereal flakes market. Increasing per capita income in the developing countries, coupled with the rising consumption of the ready to eat food such as cereal flakes.

Cereal Flakes Market: Key Market Participants: Examples of some of the key participants in the cereal flakes market recognized across the value chain include Kellogg Co. Ltd., CLEXTRAL, Cereal Food Manufacturing Company, Cereal Planet, Belourthe S.A.

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