Extruded Cereals Market Prophesied to Grow at a Faster Pace by 2029

Introduction: Over the years, with increasing consciousness about the healthy food diets, demand for extruded cereals has been escalated. Extruded cereals are the water or fat-based fillings in direct-expanded cereal envelope. Moreover, extrudates cereals are raw-material mix, which extruded and formed into an expanded and shaped base.  These are in small sizes and require special cutting system, and texture of the cereals can be controlled from soft to crunchy. Now a days, it is also possible to produce 3D shaped cereals with advanced technology. There are a wide variety of shapes, surface structures, colors, and textures available for extruded cereals in the market. In cereals extrusion process variety of cereals products texturized and cooked through a combination of mechanical shear, heat and moisture addition, furthermore, colors and flavors also added in same. Extruded cereal products categorized including multigrain rings, cocoa balls, bran sticks, and crisped rice.

Consumers are making more efforts to consume high fiber foods per day, and are incorporating whole grain foods in their healthy routines, this trend further coupled with the high demand for extruded cereals market.

Extruded Cereals market: Market Dynamics: Cereals have gained high demand in the last few years, owing to the use of cereals in the daily food consumption activities. Modernized society and the increasing consumption of cereals created a need for efficient processing technology. Extruded cereals are becoming a natural choice for the growing natural food industry. There are various value-added ingredients available in the market for the extrusion of cereals, such as wheat flour, pre-gel corn flour, which allow flexibility of preparing to utilize theirs thickening characteristics. Moreover, the inclined trend towards healthy nutritional food is expected to deliver high growth opportunities for the extruded cereals market. The consumption of whole grained extruded cereals is considered to have sustainable health benefits in deterrence from chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Over the years, the extrusion process has become one of the most important food processing technology, and this is further expected to upsurge the growth of extruded cereals market.

New technologies are being developed that are aimed at utilizing the by-products of the milling industry to isolate active compounds for specific food applications or transform these components into forms that can be easily assimilated in food products without distressing their texture and other characteristics.

Extruded cereals face the intense competition in the market with the introduction of new products in the industry and also the inclusion of new breakfast foods, both in food service and residential palaces. Baked ingredients are expected to gain high traction in the food industry, which is estimated to become a hindrance for the extruded cereals market.

Extruded Cereals market: Market segmentation: Extruded cereals market is segmented on the basis of product type and raw material; On the basis of product type extruded cereals market can be segmented as Organic, Conventional; On the basis of raw material extruded cereals market can be segmented as Corn, Wheat, Cocoa, Rice, Others

Extruded Cereals market: Regional analysis: North America is estimated to hold a significant share in the extruded cereals market. High adoption of extruded cereals in daily food consumption market is growing in the U.S. and Canada. Europe followed by the Asia Pacific region are also estimated to deliver positive growth opportunity for the extruded cereals market. In Europe, extrusion cooking is extensively gained traction in the food industry to provide delightful and light cereal products. Brazil and Mexico are estimated to deliver constructive growth scenario for the extruded cereals market, due to the urbanization and increasing per capita income in the countries. MEA is projected to show moderate growth in the extruded cereals market over the forecast period.

Extruded Cereals market: Key market participants: Examples of some of the key participants in the extruded cereals market recognized across the value chain include Calbee, Inc., Frito-Lay North America, Inc., San Carlo Gruppo Alimentare S.P.A., Diamond Foods, Inc., Grupo Bimbo S.A.B. De C.V., Kellogg Company, ITC Ltd., Old Dutch Foods, Inc., Shearer’s Foods, Inc., The Lorenz Bahlsen Snack-World Gmbh & Co Kg.

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