Bearing Isolators Market Latest Innovations, Drivers and Industry Key Events 2018-2028

Eliminating the need for shaft finish or lubrication in bearing isolators enables in reducing maintenance and manufacturing cost, significantly benefitting in boosting revenue sales in bearing isolators market

High-Speed and Accuracy Equipment Demand to Stimulate Growth of Bearing Isolators Market

Rapidly increasing need for high-speed rotating equipment and improved safety features is expected to drive the growth of bearing isolators market. Demand for bearing isolators over lip seals owing to reduced replacement repair as well as downtimes costs is expected to drive revenue sales in bearing isolators market. Rising number of accident cases in industries along with lack of equipment efficiency has led to growing emphasis on improving shafts and bearings, which in turn stimulates the revenue growth of bearing isolators market.

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Introducing high torque and high speed capacity bearing isolators is anticipated to dive in demand for high-accuracy bearing isolators. Metallic bearing isolators are foreseen to gain significant traction in bearing isolators market owing to stringent government regulations that has been imposed in the high-speed equipment together with rising efforts for reducing production cycle time. However, growing cost of the speed sensors along with their related technologies and fluctuating prices have been posing significant challenges for the growth of bearing isolators market.

Stringent Regulations to Influence End-Use Industries in Developed Regions to Contribute Significantly Towards Revenue Sales in Bearing Isolators Market

Europe and North America are likely to emerge as lucrative regions for bearing isolators market with surging demand from pharmaceutical, dairy and food and beverage processing industries. The food grade components and stainless steel designs of bearing isolators helps in eliminating the contamination risks as well as product loss, thereby catering to the stringent USDA and FDA requirements. Growing availability of raw materials and cheap labor makes leading manufacturers for eyeing APAC bearing isolators market for business expansion, thereby making the region fast-growing during the forecast period.

Improving Operational Life of Equipment to Be Ongoing Strategy of Bearing Isolators Market Players

Manufacturers in bearing isolators market are taking immense efforts in developing advanced solutions for improving operational life of the bearing isolators.

  • Elliott Group: The bearing isolators market player recently announced that it has plans to relocate testing and manufacturing of the cryogenic pumps as well as expanders to Jeannette. This is also contributing towards expansion of the company’s product portfolio and are majorly utilized for gas liquefaction applications. Therefore, increasing number of product testing is expected to drive the demand and supply of bearing isolators in the new plant.
  • John Crane: The bearing isolators market player is taking immense efforts in strengthening the service capabilities of its Southern Germany’s facility. The novel Bavarian service center is expected to dive in additional capabilities for responding faster to the rising customer service requirements, thereby reducing downtime costs. The aim of improving manufacturing performance by means of reduced seal water use, fewer maintenance interventions, improved equipment uptime and increased operational reliability is expected to stimulate the revenue sales of bearing isolators market.
  • Flowserve Corporation: The bearing isolators market player’s recently mentioned that its CVP (concrete volute pumps) has played a significant role in flood management strategy in Netherlands. The new pumping stations of Afsluitdijk causeway offered cost-effective, environment friendly, efficient and reliable solutions, thereby surging the usage of bearing isolators for highly-efficient and corrosion resistant concrete volute pumps.

Bearing Isolators Market Has Been Categorized On The Basis Of Application and Material Type

Based on application, bearing isolators market can be broken down into

  • Manufacturing and Processing
  • Steel and Metal Processing
  • Paper and Pulp
  • Construction and Mining
  • Chemical
  • Petrochemical
  • Others

Based on material type, bearing isolators market can be broken down into

  • Non-Metallic
  • Metallic

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