Lamination Adhesives Market Outlook with Industry Review and Forecasts 2018-2028

Innovative lamination adhesives and flexible packaging applications to complement overall growth of lamination adhesives market

Collaborations and Expansion of Production Capacities to Be Key Strategy of Lamination Adhesives Market Manufacturers

Developments such as bio raw materials and advanced methods for usage of lamination adhesives for reducing costs is likely to create lucrative avenues, thereby yielding opportunities for the industry participants during the forecast period. Production capacity expansion due to supply-demand gap is likely to be the focal point adapted by lamination adhesives market manufacturers in the long run. Surging the number of R&D for present product innovations along with new products, by lessening cure time and increased bond strength is expected to be the other strategy adapted by lamination adhesives market manufacturers for polishing on the market share.

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  • BOSTIK:The lamination adhesives company has been taking immense efforts in expanding the product portfolio of instant engineering adhesives with acquisition of Afinitica. This acquisition is expected to benefit BOSTIK in elevating its global position in lamination adhesives market with strong promising growth factors that include medical equipment and electronics. This lamination adhesives business expansion is a part of the company’s long-term growth.
  • Henkel:The lamination adhesives market player has completed a successful one-year affiliation with Plastic Bank. This alliance benefitted them in turning out to be the first fast-moving company of consumer goods and since then have been witnessing considerable growth. Lately, Henkel has integrated ‘Social Plastic’ in the packaging portfolio of the company for first time. This collaboration is mainly focused on dealing with waste problems, thereby reducing waste penetrating waterways and oceans. This in turn is a major step towards improving lives of people experiencing poverty.
  • Flint Group:The lamination adhesives market player recently introduced a new and innovative supplier portal on the company’s homepage that would help in providing relevant information as well as updates of their suppliers. The holistic information also includes move of Flint Group towards SAP ARIBA. The company has taken up a strategic initiative in enhancing its communication with suppliers, thereby diving in positive growth impacts on lamination adhesives market.

Medical Industry to Prove Significantly Lucrative For Boosting Revenue Sales in Lamination Adhesives Market

Lamination adhesives are utilized as raw materials by the convertors manufacturing flexible packaging for the pharmaceutical industries and consumer durables. Energy consumption and high capital costs are expected to hinder the growth of lamination adhesives market. Time consuming procedures for cure and bond development has been projected to hamper the growth of lamination adhesives market as well as pose challenges to the industry participants. Increasing usage of lamination adhesives for manufacturing reflective tapes beneficial for aircrafts and lamination of the medical equipment and trays in medical industry further drives the growth of global market.

Increasing Number of Chemical Events to Stimulate Lamination Adhesives Market Growth in Developing Regions

Rapid growth in food packaging industry with increasing domestic production capacity in Japan, India and China are anticipated to drive growth of APAC lamination adhesives market. Rising number of chemical events hosted by Southeast Asian nations such as Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia further augments the growth of APAC lamination adhesives market. Presence of key exporters such as COIM Group, H.B.Fuller and Henkel who are taking immense efforts in expanding production capacity as well as technical support centers for laminating adhesives is substantially supporting the growth of APAC lamination adhesives market. Rising number of investments in re-engineering processes and manufacturing sectors is expected to push revenue growth of North America lamination adhesives market.

Classification of Lamination Adhesives Market Can Be Done Based On Application and Type

By application, lamination adhesives market is classified into

  • Automotive
  • Industrial Application
  • Packaging
    • Industrial
    • Medical
    • Food
    • Others

By type, lamination adhesives market is classified into

  • Solvent Less
  • Solvent Based
  • Water Based
  • Others

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Lamination adhesives market research report offers detailed analysis of market and also contains useful historical data, facts and insights along with the industry-evaluated and statistically backed market data. The report consists of forecasts by means of suitable methodologies as well as set of predictions. Furthermore, lamination adhesives market research report delivers information as well as study based on the market bifurcations such as industries, applications and geographies.

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