Heat Stress Meter Market research expected to drive growth through 2019 – 2029 made by top research firm

The heat stress meter are designed to determine potential heat stress environments accurately and quickly. These heat stress meters provide high-performance checking by using Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) detecting technology. The wet bulb temperature is a standard for calculation of a WBGT Index value, and the heat stress management. Heat stress meter is a vital instrument for occupational and environmental health and safety (OEHS) professionals to determine wind speed, dry bulb ambient temperature, radiant temperature, air pressure parameters, and relative humidity which affect heat stress in numerous conditions from industrial workplaces to underground mines.

The heat stress meter is portable, light-weight, and offers the accurate measurement of the heat stress index based on the growing influence of air movement, relative humidity, air temperature, and radiant heat.

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Heat Stress Meter Market: Dynamics

Rapid growth in military sector is fuelling the growth of the market

There increasing demand for the heat stress meter market across the globe in various sectors. In the coming years the military sector is positioned for strong global growth due to increasing spending on the military sector by the government. There is increasing demand for the heat stress meter in the military to determine the potential heat stress of the soldiers. Thus, these parameters are fuelling the growth of the heat stress meter market in the military sectors across the globe.

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Growing popularity of sports in various regions driving the growth of the market

There is rapid growth in the sports sector due to, increasing sports sponsorships, growing popularity of esports, and economic growth. Heat stress meter for athletics and sport events is a big responsibility for coaches, athletic trainers, and sports medicine providers. Lives depend on precise determination of environmental conditions such as relative humidity, temperature, heat stress index, other vital environmental readings. These factors are propelling the growth of heat stress meter market in the sports sector across the globe at significant CAGR during forecast period.

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Heat Stress Meter Market: Competition Landscape

Some of the prominent players in the global heat stress meter market are Nielsen-Kellerman (US), TSI (US), REED Instruments (US), Romteck (Australia), FLIR Systems/Extech) (US), Sper Scientific (US), BESANTEK (Canada), Runrite Electronics (South Africa), SCADACore (Canada), LSI LASTEM (Italy), PCE Instruments (Germany), Sato Keiryoki (Japan), Numag Data Systems (India), Scarlet Tech (Taiwan), TES Electrical Electronic (Taiwan) and General tools & instruments (US).

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