Redox Meter Market research gain impetus due to the growing demand over 2019 – 2029

Redox meters are used to measure and monitor the chemical reactions to quantify the ion activity or to determine the oxidizing properties of the solutions. Redox also known as ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential is typically measure to determine the oxidizing or reducing potential of the water sample, especially potable and industrial water samples. The determination of the Redox is necessary because it gives the idea about the total salt and metal content in the water. These redox meter are also used to measure the pH, conductivity, and temperature of the water. Nowadays it becomes essential to maintain the required purity of the water for various household and industrial applications of the water. Increasing demand for redox meter across the globe to measure the vital parameters of the water is boosting the redox meter market growth. The facility of the redox meter to transfer the testing result data directly to the Computer or laptop helps professional to control the pH and conductivity of the water. Furthermore, the ability of the redox meter to provide accurate and reliable water testing results in wet and rugged conditions makes redox meter user-friendly. Along with that, the frequent requirement of redox meter in laboratories and various industries to test hydrogen-rich water is another important factor that fuelling the demand for the redox meter in the market.

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Redox Meter Market: Drivers and Restraints

Rapid adoption of redox meter in surface/ground water and industrial waste water treatment plants is driving the market growth.

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Industrial wastewater contamination and its hazardous effects are one of the serious concern across the globe. Consistent discharge of metallic polluted water in river and surface water ultimately degrade the overall quality of the surface and groundwater. Various countries have taken numerous initiatives to control and maintain the purity of the water, especially industrial wastewater. Increasing awareness regarding wastewater treatment management in multiple regions across the globe is also contributing to the growth of the redox meter market significantly. Furthermore, the growing demand for redox meter to measure the conductivity, chlorine content, and temperature of the surface water and groundwater is propelling the growth of the market considerably. Along with that, regular use of redox meter for pool and spa maintenance is also accelerating the demand for redox meter in the market.

However, factor such as low adoption of advanced redox meters and lack of awareness regarding the wastewater treatment in undeveloped regions is hampering the redox meter market growth.

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Redox Meter Market: Competition Landscape

Some of the prominent redox meter manufacturers are Thermo Fisher Scientific, Hanna Instruments, American Marine Inc, ABB, Trans Instruments (S) Pte Ltd, PCE Deutschland GmbH, HI-TECH SWEET WATER TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD, Eutech Instrument, Xylem Inc. and Knick.

  • Technological advancement related to water quality testing instrument is one of the vital parameters that strengthen the demand for the redox meter in the market. Leading manufacturers are designing the redox meters as per the industry need. For instance, Thermo Fisher Scientific one of the leading redox meter manufacturer has launched the ORP/Redox meter in market which has the capability of measuring the pH, ORP and temperature.
  • Moreover, PCE Deutschland GmbH, another redox meter manufacturer introduced the portable PCE PH redox meter in the market. This redox meter is designed to control the pH and conductivity of water.

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