Fluoroantimonic Acid Market Healthy Pace throughout the Forecast During 2019 – 2029

Fluoroantimonic Acid Market: Introduction:

Fluoroantimonic acid is an inorganic superacid with the chemical formula H2FSbF6. It is an inorganic acid and composed of bonded atoms of fluorine (F) and antimony (Sb) with hydrogen (H). Fluoroantimonic acid is 2 × 1019 times stronger than 100% H2SO4. The Fluoroantimonic acid is known to be the strongest superacid in the world. Fluoroantimonic Acid is used in the hydrocarbon cracking process to react with the hydrocarbons from oil, which is used to raise the octane levels of gasoline. Fluoroantimonic acid is also an excellent medium for the preparation of alkylidene oxonium salts.

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Furthermore, the fluoroantimonic acid is available in three types in the market such as, Fluoroantimonic Acid Hexahydrate, Hexafluoroantimonic Acid and Deuterofluoroantimonic Acid. In term of physical properties, the fluoroantimonic acid is available in two forms including, liquid, which is colorless and in solid form, which is white in color.

However, being a superacid, being highly concentrated, fluoroantimonic acid can be regarded as a highly hazardous chemical owing to which the manufacturing and supply of fluoroantimonic acid is done under precision and requires government approvals and regulations.

Fluoroantimonic Acid Market: Dynamics:

Globally, the demand for fluoroantimonic acid is expected to increase during the forecast period, owing to demand from the oil & gas industry. The increasing downstream activities are projected to lay a strong base for the growth of global fluoroantimonic acid market. Furthermore, with the growing urbanization and industrialization the demand for energy is growing at a significant rate. Also, the dependency upon the conventional energy sources such as, oil & gas expected to remain constant in the forthcoming years. This is projected to increase the downstream activities such as, hydrogen cracking and boost the demand for fluoroantimonic acid at a prominent rate over the forecast period.

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However, fluoroantimonic acid is the strongest acid, which makes its manufacturing and distribution more difficult and also require special safety equipment. Also, the government regulations regarding the safety measures during the use and transportation of fluoroantimonic acid is expected to hamper the growth of the market over the forecast period.

Fluoroantimonic Acid Market: Regional Outlook:

Asia Pacific is projected to be the most lucrative market for the fluoroantimonic acid, owing to significant demand from the chemical industry in the region. Countries such as, China, India, South Korea expected to generate majority share of Fluoroantimonic Acid demand in the region. The shift of chemical manufacturers to India from China market expected to create new growth opportunities for India in the regional market. Additionally, growing downstream activities in China estimated to be on the prominent factor supporting the growth of fluoroantimonic acid market in the region.

Furthermore, North America expected to have significant growth in the fluoroantimonic acid market, due to growing shale oil production in the region. Growing shale oil production expected to drive the downstream activities creating demand for fluoroantimonic acid in the market. Stringent government regulations regarding workers safety and hazardous chemicals in Europe, the market of fluoroantimonic acid is anticipated to have uptick growth in the region. Additionally, Latin America and Middle East & Africa are estimated to register promising growth in the fluoroantimonic acid market.

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Fluoroantimonic Acid Market: Market Participants:

Some of the market participants in the global fluoroantimonic acid market are:

  • Merck KGaA
  • VWR International, LLC.
  • City Chemical LLC
  • American Elements
  • Advance Research Chemicals, Inc.
  • GRR Fine Chem
  • Haihang Industry Co.,Ltd

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