Extensive Growth Opportunities to be Witnessed by Agriculture IoT Market by 2019-2029

Agriculture IoT Market: An Overview

Internet of things technology is a network which connects everything with the internet by radio frequency identification, sensors, global positioning systems in accordance with agreed protocol and exchange of information in order to achieve intelligent identification, monitoring and management.

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In last few decades agriculture is transformed from small to medium farming operations to highly industrialized farming. The agriculture and farming sectors relies on innovative ideas and technologies to help increase yields and better allocate resources. Growing crops and raising livestock and fish has become an increasingly mechanized and computer-driven operation. Agriculture is treated like manufacturing that measure and control data that is very important to manage costs, maximize yields, and boost profits.

Agriculture IoT is a system built for monitoring the crop field with the help of sensors and automating the irrigation system. Agriculture IoT make use of remote sensors, robots, drones and computer imaging combined with continuously progressing machine learning and analytical tools for surveying the field, monitoring crop, and provide data to farmers for management plan to save time and money. Agriculture IoT turn every action and element of farming into data. Agriculture IoT is helps farmers to make operational decision, harvesting, irrigation and more.

Agriculture IoT Market: Drivers and Restraints


Adoption of Agricultural Drones is increasing demand of agriculture IoT market

Drones are used in agriculture for crop health assessment, crop monitoring, planting, crop spraying, irrigation and field analysis. Drones are also used for gathering data via a series of sensors that are used for mapping, imaging and surveying of agricultural land. The data collected by drone is used to draw insights regarding plant counting, plant height, yield prediction, stockpile measuring, drainage mapping, weed pressure mapping and so on.

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Smart Greenhouses is increasing the demand of agriculture IoT market.

Greenhouse farming helps to enhance the yield of crops, fruits and vegetable. The environment parameters are controlled manually in greenhouse farming which results in production loss and the method is less effective. The Smart greenhouses designed with the help of IoT helps to monitor and control the environment and eliminate the manual intervention. For controlling the environment different sensors are used according to the requirement. The IoT sensors provide information on the light levels, humidity, pressure and temperature. The sensors control the actuators automatically to control the heater, to turn light on, and open a window through use of Wi-Fi.

Precision Farming is driving the growth of agriculture IoT market

Precision framing is a process that makes farming procedure accurate and controlled for raising livestock and growing of crops. The key component for this approach are use of information technology and items like sensors, robotics, control systems, automated hardware, etc. The Crop Metrics a precision agriculture organization provides product and services including VRI optimization, which helps to improve yields, and increase water use efficiency.


Lack of awareness in farmer community restricts the growth of agriculture IoT market

Most of the farmer communities are not aware about the term internet of things due to which there is less adoption of IoT in agriculture. Farmers are not given proper knowledge about the use of IoT in agriculture and this factor restricts the growth of agriculture IoT market.

Agriculture IoT Market: Competition Landscape

Some of the prominent players in agriculture IoT market are DeLaval, SmartCultiva Corporation, Crop Metrics, Raven Industries, and AeroFarms among others.

Agriculture IoT Market: Regional Outlook

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Based on geography, North America, Europe holds significant market share in agriculture IoT market, owing to factors such as to increase the trade value of food sector. Moreover, Asia Pacific industrial agriculture IoT market is expected to grow as the countries in the region are highly adopting the precision farming. Middle East & Africa are creating opportunities for agriculture IoT market.

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